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Mini Ape Crossbar RSD Handlebar Black Ops

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The RSD High rise mini ape with a stylized billet crossbar will take you back to your BMX days.


  • Heim joints on both ends of the crossbar add a mechanical look and allow crossbar to be tightened until snug
  • 33" wide x 9" rise x 5 3/4" center width x 5 1/2" pullback
  • Knurling at 3.5" on center
  • 1" diameter to accept stock or aftermarket hand controls
  • Black Ops is a textured black bar with a Black Ops Crossbar
  • Black Ops, RSD’s newest finish option is gloss black on top of a contrasting textured black. Go covert with RSD Black Ops.
  • Made in the USA