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In the fight against the virus we are proud to have had the opportunity to have a reliable source through our worldwide network.
Many companies, governments and private persons are currently in need of proper and good protective masks.
Our stock is just filled up and we already have the next order in progress. 
Our masks are newly produced, no stock items, all necessary certificates are available and have become necessary in the medical sector as well as in the private sector.
We have ordered our masks directly from the manufacturer weeks ago, to give everyone the opportunity for self protection in the current case.
In the meantime it is now mandatory in Germany to wear a protective mask in public.
But beyond that, it is absolutely necessary, like our WOS team, to protect family and friends (possibly already with pre-existing conditions).
We will do our best to get the masks to you as soon as possible.
With us it does not come to delivery bottlenecks but rather to overloading our dispatch team.
So don't worry, the stock is always kept up to date (except our reserves of course).
What is ordered will be delivered.

Unfortunately, there are many Fake Companys on the road at the moment and try to make false profits by fraud.
That's why we only allow Paypal payments at the moment. So that you will always get your money back in case of an emergency.
We are also constantly reachable under our mobile number. If you should not come through, we will call you back immediately.
But please note that we have to sleep after 10 pm.

Under the link - Article Info, you will find all certificates for inspection.

Stay healthy! Your WOS Team